Friday, August 20, 2010

Las Vegas?!

Okay, I have not written for le while. I has been in Las Vegas for the past 4 days and going back home tomorrow just in time for one of my best friends birthday. Quite excited! Good thing her party starts late xD. I might be to tired to wake up so early because here in Las Vegas it is 2 hours early. So yeah. But not much of a difference so thats okay. and then theres Sunday, which I might go to church. And then monday, the first day of fresh men year. Thinking about it makes me just a tad bit nervous but Ill endure it. So anyways, if I actually do have readers and you want to read about some of my days at Las Vegas then it is,   Im too lazzy to write it again xD Well I could of copy and paste but bleh! HOHOHOHO! >;{D But I will say a little about today! I went to the China Town. Ate dinner there. Very good yurmmy food<3 I'v actually been craving for  Asian food quite awhile since we kept going to buffets. But the good thing is we walk it all out after so I don't feel like a fatty :P nomnomnom. Then went to a super small Chinese outlet mall. Had very traditional things. But then I spotted a sign! "We sell sanrio here!" With a picture of hello kitty! IT  WAS JUST SHINING THERE JUST FOR ME. Since it was late and most of the people were eating at the restraunt in the middle of the mall, my family was the only one in there BUT more for me >;{D hohohohohohoho! I went in there and the mostly sold posters of animes and so many cute little stationary and super uber cute notepads and pencils bags. The pencils were kinda sucky. They looked like it could break easily so yeah. I told my mom to buy me some when we get back and go to H mart. If ya'll dont know what H mart is. Its basically a huge Korean market with occasionally Chinese people and viets in the market as so. They have a super cute store there with good prices and whatnot so yeauh. So basically what I bought at the outlet mall was this thick pastel color note pad with so many designs in each page to write on <3 Defiantly gonna use that to write notes to my friends. And the second thing I got was a uber cute Christmas stationary since I thought I should use it during Christmas month. Since one pack is so thin they so it in 3 with only a price of $$1.60. I call that a great bargain ;D Since the copyrighted real sanrio store would sell it for who knows $$6.00 or more! No lie. But yeah! I think I should shower now and head to bed. So until next time buh bye! 
                                                                                                                  Bao Bei. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


me 12:42 am
(12:42:25 AM):     okays then talk to you later buddyyyy!!! <3
friend 12:43 am
(12:43:34 AM):     byee <3 :-D i'll text you some time BETTER REPLY
me 12:43 am
(12:43:58 AM):     I WILL :-D
friend 12:44 am
(12:44:30 AM):     k byeee<33
me 12:44 am
(12:44:55 AM):     WE JUST SAID BYE D"8< <3
friend12:45 am
me 12:45 am
(12:45:17 AM):     I SAY BAI AGAIN TOO <3
friend 12:46 am
(12:46:55 AM):     ALRIGHTY BYE <3 :-D AHAHA AGAIN
me 12:47 am
(12:47:03 AM):     GO AWAYYYYYYYYY!
friend 12:47 am
(12:47:13 AM):     ahaha k bye bye <333 no more replys 

Dearyness, this happens to me alot :P..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who's that girl on my bed?!

Soo, its a Tuesday morning and my friend, Vivian just so happened to come over at 9:10am not 8:45am! So I woke up early for no reason but HEY it alright because Iv been waking up close to 1pm these days which is quite bad since school is less then 3 week x___x Any who so we started off with hanging around in the computer room and talking about how everyone changed through out the school year and just thinking about it makes me think over how some of my friends might not hang with us but hey its high school we will meet new people! We then went upstairs and turned on the laptop with the good "speaker" for my friend to talk to her brother who is in Japan! Quite interesting. That took up about an hour but we wanted to waste time a little since its still so early. So now she is sleeping on my bed while I'm typing this. I can hear my grandma playing LOUD Asian music downstairs x___x" Dearyness. I cant wait till I am able to live alone I would so decorate my house all cool looking *~* I would make my walls have polka dots ! And cool looking contemporary furnitures and whatnot. Later on the day Vivian and I are gonna walk to Walgreen for really no reason at all. I might look at fake eyelashes. I really wanna try them on and see how it feels what I look like in them o___o" This is kind of a boring&useless blog but oh well! 
                                                                                             Baobei . . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Who's that dog?

Okay lets introduce my doggy to ya'll :"D Like I said he is half Maltese& Pomeranian. Oh and on the copyright part thats my Chinese name but not the real name on my birth certificate so thats okay. So anyways my dog is a complete fatty. He is suppose to weigh 15lbs but for somehow my grandma just keeps feeding him so he is about 17lbs or 18lbs which is way to much for a dog. But I always try to exercise him. Or when we go to vacation we bring him to a hotel which they feed him at the right time and whatnot so when he comes back he usually weighs back to 15lbs. Any who, my dog Shi-nee is a scardey cat he doesn't know how to fetch a ball and whatnot x___x Cause if you throw a ball or something non other then his toys he will run away. Which is the boring part about him. But I still love him <3 On this picture you can see that I made the rose and try opening his mouth and sticking so he looks like one of those cha cha dancers >;{D He did a good job at standing still but I think the stem kinda tasted gross cause it smells nasty :P Woopsey doo.  And I pretty much think my dog loves my mom the most since she was the first person to carry. But oh well when she is gone he follows me around alot. I like to scare Shi-nee so my friends call me a abuser LOL but in reality I love that baby <3 So we got him from the shelter on the first day he came in before he stayed at this place where if you don't buy him in 2 days or something they will put him to sleep so he was lucky that the shelter bought him in time. Also his old name was "Pursey"  EWW. What a old sounding person name, no offence. So yoh. Thats about it. 
                                                                                                       Baobei . . . 


Oh deary dearness, so I got hungry so I decided to open a big bag of hot Cheeto chips. While I was trying to open it I  was asking my brother a question but he didn't answer on purpose x_x  so I bring the chips and asked him again and while I opened it half of the chips from the big bag flew out and it was all over the rugged floor =______________=" So the first thing I did was vacuumed the waste after picking up the chips. It looked better but still it looked faded with redness. So I grabbed the spray bottle and sprayed that sucker everywhere! And grabbed an old t shirt to clean it. Didn't see much difference. I grabbed a stronger one and sprayed it to the max and it got way better. But it was a very light red so its still noticeable =___=" Being the whiny brother my brother is he got mad and started calling me and idiot 4037097 times. I got freaking annoyed about it so I started calling him names back. But I don't cuss it was more of words like "shut up you stupid idiot." and whatnot. As you can tell me and my brother don't have a good relationship with each other. But whatever. Is been about 30 minutes now so everything calmed down. My mom and dad are coming home this Thursday or so and they are gonna see if we have to change the rug or not. Which my mom does not mind because its been about 7 years or so since we kept the same rug. Hopefully my dad doesn't get all mad and start screaming at me x___x Gosh. But my mom just called my brother and everything seems pretty calmed down so I hope. But whatever. Happy things now! So I really want to do something crafty but I freakishly don't have anything. So I guess I will be watching scary movies on TV again. Its the only thing that makes me un bored since its "scary movies."  Welps that is about it~ I shall go now and maybe if something interesting happens I'll tell you guys. 
                                                                                  Baobei . . .

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who is she?

YOO!; Everybody and welcome to the great Baobei's blog! :"D I think there is no need to say my real name on here. I think its more mysterious too >8{D So I shall introduce myself now. My birthday is on October 20. So thats coming pretty near! YUSHH! I ish a super girly girl. No lie. I am going to be a fresh men this year baby! Aww yeauh >;{D I am really very nice. I am known to be the weeirdo in my group of friends, not sure if that is a good thing. I enjoy art. I love to create things of my own. I have been urging for a sewing machine for so long, but my mom thinks I cant do it. But I already know the basics and whatnot from school! Also if I do am stuck I can always look at you tube tutorials since you tube is just so convenient now days O~O". But anyways lets continue on. I have a dog name Shi-nee<3 He is a half Maltese Terrier& Pomeranian. I have a little ewwie girly brother =__=" BLEH. People always mistake me for being Japanese but,  I am mostly Chinese with a little Viet and White. My most favorite artist is Rainie Yang&Cyndi Wang! I love to watch Taiwanese dramas during my spare time also. Anime not so much but my all time favorite is Full Moon Wo Sagashite <3 So for those anime lovers I really recommend that anime! Moi's favorite color is pink  :"{D I think thats enough about me x_x; I shall write about my day on the next day.
                                                                                                                   Baobei. . .