Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who's that girl on my bed?!

Soo, its a Tuesday morning and my friend, Vivian just so happened to come over at 9:10am not 8:45am! So I woke up early for no reason but HEY it alright because Iv been waking up close to 1pm these days which is quite bad since school is less then 3 week x___x Any who so we started off with hanging around in the computer room and talking about how everyone changed through out the school year and just thinking about it makes me think over how some of my friends might not hang with us but hey its high school we will meet new people! We then went upstairs and turned on the laptop with the good "speaker" for my friend to talk to her brother who is in Japan! Quite interesting. That took up about an hour but we wanted to waste time a little since its still so early. So now she is sleeping on my bed while I'm typing this. I can hear my grandma playing LOUD Asian music downstairs x___x" Dearyness. I cant wait till I am able to live alone I would so decorate my house all cool looking *~* I would make my walls have polka dots ! And cool looking contemporary furnitures and whatnot. Later on the day Vivian and I are gonna walk to Walgreen for really no reason at all. I might look at fake eyelashes. I really wanna try them on and see how it feels what I look like in them o___o" This is kind of a boring&useless blog but oh well! 
                                                                                             Baobei . . .

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