Monday, August 9, 2010

Who's that dog?

Okay lets introduce my doggy to ya'll :"D Like I said he is half Maltese& Pomeranian. Oh and on the copyright part thats my Chinese name but not the real name on my birth certificate so thats okay. So anyways my dog is a complete fatty. He is suppose to weigh 15lbs but for somehow my grandma just keeps feeding him so he is about 17lbs or 18lbs which is way to much for a dog. But I always try to exercise him. Or when we go to vacation we bring him to a hotel which they feed him at the right time and whatnot so when he comes back he usually weighs back to 15lbs. Any who, my dog Shi-nee is a scardey cat he doesn't know how to fetch a ball and whatnot x___x Cause if you throw a ball or something non other then his toys he will run away. Which is the boring part about him. But I still love him <3 On this picture you can see that I made the rose and try opening his mouth and sticking so he looks like one of those cha cha dancers >;{D He did a good job at standing still but I think the stem kinda tasted gross cause it smells nasty :P Woopsey doo.  And I pretty much think my dog loves my mom the most since she was the first person to carry. But oh well when she is gone he follows me around alot. I like to scare Shi-nee so my friends call me a abuser LOL but in reality I love that baby <3 So we got him from the shelter on the first day he came in before he stayed at this place where if you don't buy him in 2 days or something they will put him to sleep so he was lucky that the shelter bought him in time. Also his old name was "Pursey"  EWW. What a old sounding person name, no offence. So yoh. Thats about it. 
                                                                                                       Baobei . . . 

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