Monday, August 9, 2010


Oh deary dearness, so I got hungry so I decided to open a big bag of hot Cheeto chips. While I was trying to open it I  was asking my brother a question but he didn't answer on purpose x_x  so I bring the chips and asked him again and while I opened it half of the chips from the big bag flew out and it was all over the rugged floor =______________=" So the first thing I did was vacuumed the waste after picking up the chips. It looked better but still it looked faded with redness. So I grabbed the spray bottle and sprayed that sucker everywhere! And grabbed an old t shirt to clean it. Didn't see much difference. I grabbed a stronger one and sprayed it to the max and it got way better. But it was a very light red so its still noticeable =___=" Being the whiny brother my brother is he got mad and started calling me and idiot 4037097 times. I got freaking annoyed about it so I started calling him names back. But I don't cuss it was more of words like "shut up you stupid idiot." and whatnot. As you can tell me and my brother don't have a good relationship with each other. But whatever. Is been about 30 minutes now so everything calmed down. My mom and dad are coming home this Thursday or so and they are gonna see if we have to change the rug or not. Which my mom does not mind because its been about 7 years or so since we kept the same rug. Hopefully my dad doesn't get all mad and start screaming at me x___x Gosh. But my mom just called my brother and everything seems pretty calmed down so I hope. But whatever. Happy things now! So I really want to do something crafty but I freakishly don't have anything. So I guess I will be watching scary movies on TV again. Its the only thing that makes me un bored since its "scary movies."  Welps that is about it~ I shall go now and maybe if something interesting happens I'll tell you guys. 
                                                                                  Baobei . . .

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