Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who is she?

YOO!; Everybody and welcome to the great Baobei's blog! :"D I think there is no need to say my real name on here. I think its more mysterious too >8{D So I shall introduce myself now. My birthday is on October 20. So thats coming pretty near! YUSHH! I ish a super girly girl. No lie. I am going to be a fresh men this year baby! Aww yeauh >;{D I am really very nice. I am known to be the weeirdo in my group of friends, not sure if that is a good thing. I enjoy art. I love to create things of my own. I have been urging for a sewing machine for so long, but my mom thinks I cant do it. But I already know the basics and whatnot from school! Also if I do am stuck I can always look at you tube tutorials since you tube is just so convenient now days O~O". But anyways lets continue on. I have a dog name Shi-nee<3 He is a half Maltese Terrier& Pomeranian. I have a little ewwie girly brother =__=" BLEH. People always mistake me for being Japanese but,  I am mostly Chinese with a little Viet and White. My most favorite artist is Rainie Yang&Cyndi Wang! I love to watch Taiwanese dramas during my spare time also. Anime not so much but my all time favorite is Full Moon Wo Sagashite <3 So for those anime lovers I really recommend that anime! Moi's favorite color is pink  :"{D I think thats enough about me x_x; I shall write about my day on the next day.
                                                                                                                   Baobei. . .

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