Friday, August 20, 2010

Las Vegas?!

Okay, I have not written for le while. I has been in Las Vegas for the past 4 days and going back home tomorrow just in time for one of my best friends birthday. Quite excited! Good thing her party starts late xD. I might be to tired to wake up so early because here in Las Vegas it is 2 hours early. So yeah. But not much of a difference so thats okay. and then theres Sunday, which I might go to church. And then monday, the first day of fresh men year. Thinking about it makes me just a tad bit nervous but Ill endure it. So anyways, if I actually do have readers and you want to read about some of my days at Las Vegas then it is,   Im too lazzy to write it again xD Well I could of copy and paste but bleh! HOHOHOHO! >;{D But I will say a little about today! I went to the China Town. Ate dinner there. Very good yurmmy food<3 I'v actually been craving for  Asian food quite awhile since we kept going to buffets. But the good thing is we walk it all out after so I don't feel like a fatty :P nomnomnom. Then went to a super small Chinese outlet mall. Had very traditional things. But then I spotted a sign! "We sell sanrio here!" With a picture of hello kitty! IT  WAS JUST SHINING THERE JUST FOR ME. Since it was late and most of the people were eating at the restraunt in the middle of the mall, my family was the only one in there BUT more for me >;{D hohohohohohoho! I went in there and the mostly sold posters of animes and so many cute little stationary and super uber cute notepads and pencils bags. The pencils were kinda sucky. They looked like it could break easily so yeah. I told my mom to buy me some when we get back and go to H mart. If ya'll dont know what H mart is. Its basically a huge Korean market with occasionally Chinese people and viets in the market as so. They have a super cute store there with good prices and whatnot so yeauh. So basically what I bought at the outlet mall was this thick pastel color note pad with so many designs in each page to write on <3 Defiantly gonna use that to write notes to my friends. And the second thing I got was a uber cute Christmas stationary since I thought I should use it during Christmas month. Since one pack is so thin they so it in 3 with only a price of $$1.60. I call that a great bargain ;D Since the copyrighted real sanrio store would sell it for who knows $$6.00 or more! No lie. But yeah! I think I should shower now and head to bed. So until next time buh bye! 
                                                                                                                  Bao Bei. 

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